Ian Grout

15th September 2017

One of the several beneficial chemical actions of Carbonflo is to attach hydrogen and oxygen molecules to hydrocarbon molecules and hence produce extra power. In turn this also means that
oxygen is less able to contribute to rust formation in steel fuel tanks. I have owned the above motorcycle for 33 years. As with many machines a particular problem has always been internal fuel tank rust and a few years ago that eventually meant no choice but to fit new one. Then, three years ago now, surface rust was appearing on the inside of the new tank.
At this point I inserted a Carbonflo unit into it. Since that time the machine has been left for months on end with only a small amount of fuel in the tank, and in my experiences before Carbonflo these would have been perfect conditions for more rust to have formed. However with Carbonflo absolutely no further rust has appeared.

Carbonflo fuel catalyst technology