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Supercharge your car in 2016

Here’s something you may not have heard of before but you will be glad you did!

Carbonflo fuel catalyst works in any vehicle running a petrol or diesel engine and offers cleaner running engines, improved economy, extra power and reduced emissionsGuaranteed!


Are you looking for something new and shiny to add to your car? Forget the bling bling gear stick knob or the chrome interior trim, we all know it’s what’s under the hood that matters.

With an in-line Carbonflo Fuel Catalyst unit installed in your car, you will be guaranteed a more efficient running engine or your money back!

unit fitted

Carbonflo fuel catalyst creates a galvanic reaction with water and weaker acids in fuel that releases additional hydrogen and oxygen directly in to your fuel. This gives more complete fuel combustion leading to reduced pollution and extra power per fuel unit as well as cleaner combustion chambers, fuel injectors, valves, valve ports, valve stems, exhaust system components and turbo blades.

Fits directly in to your existing fuel line. Product comes with fitting instructions, mounting brackets and 1/4″ bsp 8mm ends suitable for the majority of applications. Fitting by a qualified mechanic is recommended and usually takes around 30 minutes – 2 hours.

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Lasts for up to 250,000 miles!

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“When I first heard about Carbonflo 12 months ago now I was sceptical because I thought that if there was a simple way of making a quality new car such as mine run even better, then the motor manufacturers would be on to it like a flash. But when I looked more closely I saw astonishing evidence in support of the technology so I had it fitted. As advised the initial differences were small. But as time has gone on there has been without any shadow of doubt even smoother performance than before. This is a sure sign of a cleaner running and less polluting engine. I know there’s a massive story behind Carbonflo, and as an environmentally concerned car owner I am looking forward to people knowing about it and benefiting from the technology.”
Tony Taylor creator of New Earth Drinks .com

Carbonflo fuel catalyst technology