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Carbonflo is catalyst technology that causes petrol, diesel, and other liquid hydrocarbon fuels to burn cleaner and more efficiently. It is therefore able to cut pollution and provide economic benefits anywhere these fuels are used

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This technology has been proven by scientists to cause multiple beneficial changes in fuel composition. These include release of tin oxides that function as combustion enhancing catalysts, whilst dissolved water in fuel is broken down into its base elements of hydrogen and oxygen to ensure still cleaner combustion with additional energy release.

All this and more is done without use of toxic chemicals and examples of beneficial use of the technology include:

* Reduced pollution with large cost savings in heavy diesel applications from marine engines to generators to trucks to heating boilers. In applications like these in which large volumes of fuel are consumed the cost of Carbonflo can be recouped in 3 to 5 months in fuel savings alone, and there are also a host of other important economic and environmental benefits
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* Extra power and better fuel efficiency in motorcycles and small engines on land or at sea, and after long engine lay-offs Carbonflo can make the difference between starting first time and not starting at all. Furthermore fitting is almost always extremely simple – – just drop a unit into the tank
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* Four-star leaded petrol performance on standard unleaded in classic cars plus additional advantages especially ‘ethanol-in-petrolproblems alleviated or solved – – and again in the case of classic cars fitting is perfectly straightforward
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* Short term gains may be less obvious in modern cars, 4 x 4’s, vans etc.. However the technology is no less valuable in the longer term with more thorough combustion leading to cleaner-running engines and optimum performance restored and maintained. It should be noted however that it may not be so simple to insert a unit into the tank of modern vehicles and, with high fuel system pressures involved, fitting in modern vehicles must be by a skilled technician although again the job can normally be done in around an hour.

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Carbonflo fuel catalyst technology