As a leading British consumer protection organisation the ASA prohibits products being advertised unless they have full and rigorous evidence to substantiate claims that are made for them.
This is especially true of products from outside of mainstream big business and (giving rise to strong feelings of injustice on our part) this at one time used to include Carbonflo.
But now we pleased to report that following recent correspondence and discussions the ASA no longer disputes the claims on our website including but not limited to:
“Using Carbonflo will allow you to cut toxic emissions AND save on fuel costs”
“Carbonflo is catalyst technology that makes fuel burn more efficiently”
“Proven to cut CO, HC, Particulates, NOx, soot and other pollutants”
“Fuel savings in objective tests seldom less than 3% and typically 5% plus”
“Most fuel-related problems alleviated or solved once and for all”
“Permanent power and performance gains with easy starting even after long engine lay-offs”
“Standard unleaded petrol with Carbonflo as good or better than leaded Four-Star was and without the toxicity”
Furthermore THE AA was at one time a critic of Carbonflo but, following recent correspondence, it likewise has not sought to contest the above claims.

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Carbonflo fuel catalyst technology