Furnace Boiler Installations SR Mjöl in Iceland

The supervising engineer for SR Mjol, Olafur Haraldsson conducted testing before and after a COMTEC combustion enhancement unit was fitted to an AX 4 steam boiler. Fuel consumption testing was conducted over two, five day production periods.

A comparison of the two periods indicated;

Oil consumption went down from 131,610 ltr. to 128,680 ltr.

Steam production went up from 1,520 tons to 1,555 tons

Water used in the steam production went down from 1,787 tons to 1,741 tons

The actual fuel saving is 2,930 ltr over the test period or 586 ltr per day.

The engineers noticed a change in flame colour and a significant reduction in soot and carbon particulates indicating improved combustion.

The company subsequently purchased 19 COMTEC emission control units for all their oil fired furnaces and boilers. They also took delivery of 10 units for their fleet of diesel powered forklift trucks and units have been installed on fishing vessels owned by the company.

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