Using Carbonflo will allow you to cut toxic emissions
AND save on fuel costs

Carbonflo Fuel Catalyst


  • Carbonflo is catalyst technology that makes fuel burn more efficiently
  • It is installed in fuel tanks or fuel supply lines between tank and engine
  • Each unit lasts 250,000 miles on the road or at least 10,000 operating hours at sea
  • Cuts CO, HC, Particulates, NOx, soot and other pollutants
  • Fuel savings in objective tests seldom less than 3% and typically 5% plus
  • Most fuel-related problems alleviated or solved once and for all
  • 12 month full satisfaction return and refund money back guarantee for all Carbonflo products purchased for private use
  • Risk free trials available for commercial fleets


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inline car fitted pic

Carbonflo can be fitted in fuel tanks and this is the recommended option with most smaller engines. It can also be fitted in fuel lines which is the recommended option with most larger engines


Carbonflo prices start from £16.95 including VAT and UK delivery…

Carbonflo fuel catalyst technology