Simply drop in the tank for a lifetime of fuel better fuel efficiency with easier starting and other valuable fuel-related benefits. Tank units are perfect when tanks can be easily accessed such as:
●Marine outboards
●Garden machinery
●Oil-fired Agas
●Cars where the fuel tank is accessible
●Most motorcycles except those with flat-bottom tanks or tanks having internal fuel pumps with exposed terminals; these need PTFE caged units (below)


2 Cone Fuel Tank Unit For Engines Up To 150cc

0 out of 5
£16.95 inc. VAT & UK Delivery

3 Cone Fuel Tank Unit For Engines Up To 300cc

0 out of 5
£24.50 inc. VAT & UK Delivery

4 Cone Fuel Tank Unit For Engines Up To 600cc

0 out of 5
£31.20 inc. VAT & UK Delivery

6 Cone Fuel Tank Unit For Engines Up To 1,500cc

0 out of 5
£44.65 inc. VAT & UK Delivery


Fitting a tank unit in a classic car

Pic 009 MC FITTING ducati

Fitting a tank unit in a motorcycle…and it’s equally simple to do in outboards, garden equipment etc


In the case of motorcycles with flat-bottomed tanks it is recommended to use our 100% permanently fuel-proof PTFE caged units. This is to prevent possible rattling in the tank, and similarly for motorcycles with exposed internal fuel pump electrical terminals we recommend these units to prevent possibility of contact between the terminal and the metal in the steel-caged Carbonflo tank unit
For engines up to 300cc 1 x 3 cone unit = £27.50
For engines up to 1500cc 2 x 3 cone unit = £50
Prices include VAT and UK delivery

PFTE Tank Unit

For motorcycles with flat-bottom tanks or those having internal fuel-tank pumps with exposed terminals these PTFE caged units are recommended

inline unit3. IN-LINE UNITS FOR CARS, VANS, 4X4’S etc

For larger engines and where fuel tank access is not so easy in-line units is recommended.

Fitting is very straightforward in vehicles with rubber fuel delivery lines (such as most classic cars) and would normally take an hour or less.

For vehicles with modern high-pressure fuel systems units can normally be fitted within an hour,
but fitting should always be carried out by a technician with knowledge of modern systems.


We also manufacture and supply units for industrial applications up to 15,000 horsepower.

These are sized and rated according to key factors including engine RPM, max. BHP, and fuel flow rates.

Prices allow for ROI of 3 to 5 months in respect of fuel savings alone assuming heavy fuel usage.

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engine room installation of Carbonflo

Engine Room Installation of Carbonflo

Carbonflo fuel catalyst technology