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A 100% success record boosting fuel efficiency in marine vessels that can be repeated in any heavy diesel application

Home Page SHIPDespite Carbonflo being a British invention most British people these days don’t know about it.

Whereas, by contrast, in various locations overseas the technology is used in hundreds of thousands of cars, trucks, buses, earth movers, generators, lawn- mowers, motorcycles, ocean-going vessels, heating boilers, furnaces – – you name it – – and there have been references to use of the technology by the United States military.

A particular success story occurred in Iceland & Nova Scotia where David Butt founded Comtec based on Henry Broquet’s original Carbonflo formula, and further refined the technology specifically for heavy marine engines.

Owners of vessels from 250 HP up to 15,000 HP were offered the product on the basis of:

  1. Record and evaluate engine operating parameters and performance using engine log book data (or the form provided) checking power, load, turbo pressure, fuel consumption over 500 operating hours without the product.
  2. Pay 50% of the cost of the product and fit
  3. Run the engine for 500 operating hours with the product, keeping records of the same data as before for comparison. If after 500 hours changes in parameters cannot be seen that are consistent with power and/or fuel consumption benefits in the region of 5%, together with beneficial changes in exhaust gas temperatures and improved turbo pressures (full list of benefits on right), return unit for full refund. Or, if readings do demonstrate improved fuel efficiency, retain unit and pay balance.

In 100% of cases improved fuel efficiency was clearly demonstrated and the units retained and paid for, and relevant Government Departments of both Iceland and Nova Scotia officially endorsed the product and recommended its use.

Some of the vessels fitted were:




The ferry Akraborg about to leave the vehicle ramp in reverse without a Comtec (Carbonflo) device. Note: the very black soot from the Engines.


Here the same ferry is on “full ahead” after reversing and turning and leaving the harbour, again without a Comtec (Carbonflo) device.


Here is the same ferry after just ONE MONTH with a Comtec (Carbonflo) device fitted to the main engine: again “full ahead” after reversing, turning and leaving the harbour. Soot from the same engine greatly reduced. Also staff commented soot on the aft passenger deck had disappeared, and that washing the furniture and deck was no longer required.

For owners of marine vessels we offer exactly the same risk-free trials as above. We also make the same offer in absolutely any diesel application where solid before/after data can be assured.

We do this simply because when the product is properly tested to proper procedures SUCCESS ALWAYS RESULTS.

Contact us to arrange 100% Risk-Free trials for marine and other heavy diesel use…

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