Immediate increases in BHP and Torque with Carbonflo


September 2016 at Somerton Motorcycle Engineering Somerset

A Triumph Tiger motorcycle was tested on a Dynamometer as follows:
1. Engine warmed to normal operating temperature and baseline readings taken over three runs and recorded
2. The engine was stopped and a Carbonflo tank unit was inserted into the tank. The motorcycle remained attached to the Dyno. and was left for 30 minutes
3. After 30 minutes the engine was warmed to the same temperature as baseline and a second test was conducted again over three runs and recorded
4. The maximum recorded readings were:
A) Max Power. BEFORE CARBONflo = 85.01 bhp, WITH CARBONflo = 86.62 bhp
B) Max Torque BEFORE CARBONflo = 59.03 ft. Lbs, WITH CARBONflo = 60.36 ft. Lbs

* Initial gains as above always increase over time and units last 250,000 miles on the road
* Carbonflo works in any motorcycle large or small old or new because it improves fuel quality
* Carbonflo units for motorcycles are simply inserted into fuel tanks
* Extra power automatically means better economy under like for like operating conditions
* Carbonflo also inhibits degradation of fuel quality in storage meaning easier starting after long engine lay-offs
* Low-cost and fully guaranteed

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