Less fuel, more power – guaranteed

Fuel Catalyst technology that guarantees extra clean energy from every litre of fuel you use…

Serious about cutting the money and environment costs of running engines? With this technology you can

Carbonflo is fuel catalyst technology that boosts the combustibility of petrol and diesel fuel as your engine is running.

After a conditioning period the benefits are:

  • Cleaner running engines with reduced carbon deposits in combustion chambers, turbos and exhaust systems
  • Useful extra power or improved economy when extra power is not used as extra speed
  • Significant reductions in exhaust smoke and pollution
  • Fuel in storage remains potent to give easier starting even after extended periods whilst ‘fuel bug’ in diesel is reduced or eliminated

Furthermore there are no drawbacks and Carbonflo lasts 250,000 miles on the road or 10,000 operating hours at sea.

Amazing but true


Carbonflo was developed from fuel catalyst technology the RAF used in World War 2. It became Britain’s (and very likely the world’s) first product of this type and now the technology is used by the US Navy among many, many others…



“Does Carbonflo work with modern engines?”

“If it really works and has been around for so long, then why aren’t we all using it already?”


“Many fleet tests have shown that this has a significant fuel economy benefit with short payback periods. One of the main causes of the improved fuel economy is that the engines operate much cleaner with most in-cylinder and injector deposits removed after operation with Carbonflo for a period. The cleaner engine then maintains a better fuel consumption. ”


Professor G. E. Andrews, BSc, PhD, CeEng, MIMechE, memASME, MSAE, Reader in Combustion Engineering at Leeds University Dept. of Fuel and Energy


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How it works

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The dissimilar metal catalyst elements react with impurities in fuel to produce additional hydrogen and oxygen for more complete combustion of fuel. In addition, molecular particles of tin are released into the fuel to further improve combustion and provide extra lubrication within the combustion chamber


Carbonflo fuel catalyst technology